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clear stamps

Using our stamps

  • Carefully peel off the stamp from the sheet.
  • Place the stamp onto a clear acrylic block.
  • Ink the image with your chosen colour.
  • Lightly press the stamp down onto the surface to transfer the image.

Photo of Wild Rose Studio Clear Stamps
Our clear stamps in their packaging

Taking care of your stamps

  • After use, wash with soapy water and dry with a lint-free cloth.
  • If using soap on clear stamps, make sure it doesn't contain any added moisturisers as this can mean they don't stick to the clear block so easily next time.
  • Alternatively, use baby wipes or proper stamp cleaner to clean the ink away.
  • After cleaning, place clear stamps back onto the clear sheet for storage. If using cling stamps, replace the yellow film.
  • Store away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.
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